Zong Bongs

Zongs are Z-shaped bongs that look great and rip hard. Perfect for parties and solo sessions alike, zongs let you take bigger hits that you could with a normal bong. That’s because a zong’s extra-long neck allows you to fill the chamber with more smoke. Zongs are the water pipe of choice for those who want something that catches the eye and packs a loud punch.

If you’ve ever ripped from a zong bong, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. These bongs hit twice as hard as other bongs, challenging even the most hardcore smokers. Fill the chamber a little or a lot, the choice is yours when you use a zong.

Zong bongs let you enjoy the benefits of a big bong without taking up nearly as much space. In addition to looking cool, a zong’s unusual shape also serves a purpose. Due to the extended tubing, smoke has more time to cool before reaching your lungs. Hits from zongs tend to be smoother than those from regular bongs.

A zong’s long, curved neck also works to eliminate splash. No matter how hard you pull on a zong bong, no water will ever reach your lips.

Zong Bongs at BadassGlass
At BadassGlass, we sell zong bongs for every occasion. Whether you need a small, compact zong for personal use, or a big, colorful zong for parties, we’ve got you covered with the thickest glass and the coolest designs. Our zongs are also hand-blown in the USA, not mass-produced in a Chinese factory. That means our water pipes are built to last and won’t break easily like other zongs.

Despite how intricate they look, zong bongs aren’t expensive, either. We offer high-quality zongs made from thick borosilicate glass at low, affordable prices. Check out our awesome deals for yourself, and enjoy fast, FREE shipping on all orders. We’ll send your new zong out in discreet, protective packaging that ensures your piece gets to you in one piece. Impress your friends at the next party or spice up you personal collection with a zong from BadassGlass.

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