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Big Zong Bong

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Boy bong – online water pipes –   Big Zong Bong

Boy bong – online water pipes –   Big Zong Bong

The big zong bong is an absolute pleasure to smoke from with its twisted design.  Watching the smoke travel through the z-shaped tube is always exciting.

The bottom of the base features a cool mandala design.  This bad boy has some serious weight to it, and really good thickness all throughout.  The zong is a classic and deserves a spot on every stoner’s shelf.

A zong bong is a water pipe with a zig-zag shaped neck. Apart from its attractive, distinctive shape, it’s pretty much like any other bong although it has some advantages\

Zong bongs are great for both communal gatherings and intense solo sessions They allow you to take bigger hits since the extra-long neck causes the chamber to be filled with more smoke.

The winding neck also means the smoke has to travel a greater distance to reach your mouth and lungs. This means it cools quite a bit and the hit will be smoother.

Zong bongs are a popular choice for smokers who want an eye-catching design with a powerful system. They pack the punch of a much larger device while taking up minimum space because of their design.

They are also quite exciting to look at. Pipes aren’t strictly decorative but looks do play a part.

Many smokers take that “cool factor” into consideration when choosing their bongs. The design of a zong bong eliminates splash. Water will never reach your lips, regardless of how hard you pull.

Height: 16 inches


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