Buy weed online – APPLE & BANANA strains – best weed deals – top grade – leafly weed

Buy weed online – APPLE & BANANA strains – best weed deals – top grade – leafly weed

The Apples & Bananas strain is a cross between four premium cultivars. Firstly, they combined Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple with Blue Power. Then, they crossed the result with Gelatti, creating the now beloved Apples & Bananas.

This means that the fruity strain also contains OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, Skunk, Afghani, Master Kush, The White, Gelato, and Biscotti in its family tree. Though the strain’s name may be new to some, its genetics contain many classic and popular cultivars, making for a potentially familiar experience.
The combination of all of these strains produces a fruity indica-leaning hybrid flower. It holds a high potency level, sitting around 23-30% THC, with also around 1% CBG.

Apples & Bananas stays true to its name with notes of apples, bananas, cherries, berries, and citrus in its scent. Furthermore, upon smoking, the user may taste flavors that are reminiscent of baked apple pies and banana pudding. Additionally, notes of gas, spices, and pine may also be detected.

Apples & Bananas’ appearance further proves its potent and high-quality nature. The dense nugs act as a canvas for a range of green and purple hues. Additionally, crystal trichomes and fiery orange pistils are found in every crevice of the chunky nugs.




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