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cheap weed – Early Skunk

cheap weed – Early Skunk

Early Skunk Online

Early Skunk is an Early Pearl x Skunk #1 hybrid born the 80’s, described in The Seed Bank catalog as “producing much larger buds and seeds than either Early Pearl or Skunk #1.” and “suitable for outdoor growing throughout the USA”.Hence Early Skunk is still considered Sensi’s best all-around marijuana strain for growing outdoors.

Full of hybrid vigor, Early Skunk is easy to grow and presents three main phenotypes. Two appear indica dominant while the other is slightly sativa. The plants get tall quick forming into hearty bushes with big leaves and long branches.

Productive yields of large, chunky, sparkling indica tops. Recommended for outdoor cultivation, it has been selected for mold resistance. Ready to harvest by early-October. Indoors, it takes 8 weeks.

Sticky, resin-soaked buds with a subtle skunky aroma. Rich pungent flavor. Narcotic, relaxing effects.

Mr Nice also sells well regarded Early Skunk seeds.

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1Oz (30g)

Flowering Time 8 weeks
Seed Breeder Sensi Seeds
Pack Size 10 seeds
Yield Indoors: High
Outdoors: XXL

Early Skunk Feminized cannabis seeds promise premium results outdoors. however Lush yields are possible, even in rainy Northern Europe. The robust nature and resilience of this cannabis strain mean it’s also of interest to novices.

following, it seemed impossible to grow skunks and other potent hybrids to full maturity in regions with short summers. furthermore Since the fat buds tend towards mould in poor weather, growers were forced to harvest their plants before flowering had reached its peak. Sensi Seeds set out to resolve this problem once and for all.



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