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CBD for sale – buy kush online – cibdol cbd online-  4% CBD – where to buy cbd online

4% Liposomal CBD Oil is developed by Cibdol, a renowned European producer of 100% pure and clean essential CBD oils. Its oils are produced from naturally grown hemp and contain no chemicals, GMOs or other impurities.

Made from the finest hemp grown in Europe, Cibdol CBD Oil is one of the finest quality organic CBD oils on the global market today. Drawing on a combination of years of experience, traditional organically grown materials and the latest scientific processes, Cibdol ensures to optimize the therapeutic benefits of Hemp.

What is the liposomal process?

This liposomal formula has been designed to obtain better absorption of active ingredients in the body. Indeed, this process is a form of encapsulation of the active principle inside a lipid bilayer.

It allows the active ingredient not to be damaged by digestive enzymes and to be “released” in the right place (often absorption takes place at the level of the venous walls), targeted where its action can be the best.

Thus, by this simple encapsulation, absorption is much greater for optimal effectiveness of the supplement in the body.

This will therefore allow to consume lower doses of CBD with a maximizing effect of each drop used.

What are the uses of CBD?

Still little known, CBD has interesting properties that are still being studied today.

it is important to clearly define CBD and its place within the group of cannabinoids but also in hemp. Hemp has two major groups of molecules active in over 400 organic compounds. Its two groups are terpenes and cannabinoids.

– Terpenes interact with light and have fragrant properties as in geranium for example. It acts peripherally with CBD and can aid in better oxygenation as well as supplement anti-inflammatory properties.

– Cannabinoids are of several types. Hemp biosynthesizes more than 60 including CBD, THC and CBG. It is very important to distinguish between CBD and THC in order to fully understand the action of the CBD component. THC is illegal in most countries.

It is psychoactive with a high and side effects such as anxiety and paranoia which can be consistent with psychoses. CBD, on the other hand, is legal in most countries.

It has no psychoactive effects or known side effects. It can even help combat the effects of THC.
The action of CBD is at the level of the endocannabinoid system (SEC), which is one of the human receptor systems located in the peripheral nervous system (nerves and spinal cord) but also in the brain

. The SEC acts in particular on the level of appetite, stress, mood and pain. It is he who makes us feel this feeling of well-being after sporting effort: “the drunkenness of the runner”.

CBD will act on this system and, after the first scientific research, was seen to possess neuro-protective, antipsychotic, antispasmodic and anti-convulsive properties. It helps the nervous system to increase its resistance, to relax and to combat daily stress.

The extraction of CBD Cibdol is done with CO2. This method, which is the cleanest way to harvest CBD, allows all the properties of the terpenes to be preserved, thus being able to reveal all of its therapeutic properties.

using advice

Cibdol CBD Oil is a dietary supplement delivered in a handy dropper bottle. The new improved formula allows you to get the most out of your oil. As the oil has no narcotic effects, health conscious consumers can now consume it at any time of the day.

The recommended dosage is 3-4 drops, up to three times a day. You can take them directly in the mouth or in a large glass of water. It can be taken during or outside meals.
It is a natural and perishable product.




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