CO2 Clear Sour Diesel Vape Oil


CO2 Clear Sour Diesel Vape Oil

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CO2 Clear Sour Diesel Vape Oil – Medical Cannabis Dispensary

CO2 Clear Sour Diesel Vape Oil – Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Harsh Diesel Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains 100% natural CO2 extricated THC oil prepared from sativa strain Sour Diesel. Sharp Diesel is a big name among cannabis strains, proclaimed all over for its fantastic, elevating high that actuates a daze like state in the individuals who burn-through it.

This cartridge is the ideal ally for a day went through getting a charge out of nature with companions or under the daylight with friends and family.

 Sharp Diesel results from a Mass Super Skunk x 91 Chemdawg cross. Co2 Clear Carts are in every case free of waxes and lipids, general 510 strung, and intended to create tremendous billows of fume for a delightful hit, without fail!

THC E-Liquid OG Kush 4ml One of the most famous cannabis strains and generally looked for after in California. The hereditary qualities have consistently been to some degree a puzzle.

It has been reputed to begin from some pack seed out of Florida and later developed in California by raisers. This is an indica prevailing mixture.

OG Kush is believed to be a combination of Chem-Dawg and the Hindu Kush. This strain is celebrated for its lovely, euphoric impacts.


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