Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies(CBD 50mg)


10 pieces

Cookies for sale – peanut butter online – CBD 50mg – caligreensdispensary

Cookies for sale – peanut butter online – CBD 50mg – caligreensdispensary

Do you love nutty spread as much as we? Enjoy these yummy nutty spread treats. We took our acclaimed delicate and chewy nutty spread treats, much the same as the ones mother used to make, and imbued them with our clinical evaluation cannabis.

This is a staff top pick around here and a lot of our loved ones concurred that it was the best ‘treat’ they had ever eaten. Contains Peanuts (obviously!)

Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies Details

Dose: 50 mg enacted cannabinoids (in one ~25g treat)

Profile: CBD prevailing – 6.2mg THC, 38.8mg CBD and 5.0mg other cannabinoids

Ingredients: butter, fine nutty spread, white sugar, earthy colored sugar, vanilla, eggs, generally useful flour, salt, preparing pop, heating powder

Storage: We suggest that edibles be put away in the refrigerator or cooler to protect newness.

Test submitted: Ganja Peanut Butter Cookie Notes: Each treat weighs approx 25 g. Every treat contains ~38.8 mg CBD (1.55 mg/g x 25g), ~6.2 mg THC and ~5.0 mg joined of CBG, CBN and CBC


Initiated versus non-activated: activated cannabinoids are non-acidic (impartial) and are the structure used by the human cerebrum/body. Actuation happens through warming (smoking, disintegrating, cooking).

Cannabinoids in the normal plant are acidic (non-actuated) and should be changed over to their unbiased structure to be used by the human body. In this way one would expect new cannabis buds to contain mostly non-actuated cannabinoids. Prepared materials (prepared products, warmed concentrates) should be higher in the actuated structures.


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