15″ Triple Honeycomb Perc Bong


The 15 inch Triple Honeycomb perc bong by Diamond Glass is the holy grail when it comes to smooth percolator bongs. Three honeycomb discs stacked above the other will provide an insane stack of bubbles to cool your smoke down fast without any drag. If that doesn’t cool things down enough, there’s plenty of room for ice inside thanks to the ice catcher. The fixed stem is slightly angled away, making it easier to hit.


  • Height: 15 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18mm Matching Bowl Piece

cool bongs  – precolator bongs – 15″ Triple Honeycomb  for sale

cool bongs  – precolator bongs – 15″ Triple Honeycomb  for sale

This beautifully hand crafted water pipe is made of the finest, high quality borosilicate glass. With several distinctive features this water pipe is definitely one of a kind. It features a triple honeycomb perc which besides cooling smoke off, looks wicked sick when you smoke through them, as they create a storm of tiny bubbles.

Since this has three that means many more bubbles! To top it all off, it even has an ice catcher which catches the ice to cool it down even farther for a wonderful smoking experience. Pipe comes with dry herb bowl, 4″ base diameter, 2″ diameter water chamber. Water pipe’s 19 mm female joint comes with 19 mm male dry herb bowl.

This towering beauty is a triple honeycomb to turbine perc straight tube and it means business. This water pipe is a fantastic choice for those looking for an easy pull without sacrificing percolation.

With three honeycomb percs, filtration is at an all time high and there is virtually no drag. Just wait ‘til you get your hands on this piece.

This is an EXCLUSIVE piece that we only have two in stock of. This bong stands at a whopping 38 inches tall and features 15 honeycomb percs.

This piece is for the real deal smokers, that are looking to add a one of a kind peice to their collection that will make all their friends jealous.


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