G13 Cannabis Strain


1Oz (30g)

Flowering Time 7-9 weeks
Seed Breeder Mr Nice
Pack Size 18 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500-650 g/m2
Outdoors: 500 g/plant


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G13 is probably the most heralded strain of all time in the cannabis community, achieving top mythical and legendary status. The G13 strain reputedly originated from a government research program in Mississippi during the 70’s. A clone of G13 made its way to Nevil who later released a series of hybrids bred with G13. While the original mother was lost, a few of the hybrid varieties still exist today.

G13 x Skunk by Mr Nice was made with a G13 clone and Skunk to preserve its gene pool. The line was further backcrossed by selecting the G13 dominant expressions. The plant grows quite easily, compact without much stretching. It has a distinct glossy green color with serrated edge leaves.

Yields are very good. Dense, resinous flower clusters. Recommended for indoor or greenhouse cultivation, G13 x Skunk performs well in a SOG. Outdoors, it is advised to watch out for mold as harvest approaches in September.

Unique orange aroma and flavor. Solid buds. Heavy body stone with a clear head high.

G13 x Skunk is considered the most G13 dominant of all the hybrids.

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