Golden Teacher Mushrooms 1 Oz


Golden Teacher Mushrooms 1 Oz

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Golden Teacher Mushrooms 1 Oz

Golden Teacher Mushrooms 1 Oz

What are Golden Teacher Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a variety of mushrooms known to produce strong psychedelic effects when ingested. These fungi grow from spores that establish networks of mycelium in the earth or on decaying plant matter, such as old trunks. When the conditions are right, a fungus comes into bloom just like the flowers. These blooms are the mushrooms we harvest.


Those who are new to the world of psychedelics and shrooms can count on Buy Golden Teachers mushrooms for a reliable trip with lesser chances of having a bad trip. Hence, they are often a gateway shroom for magic mushroom newbies.

Buy Golden teachers are also lauded for their spiritual and/or shamanic effects. Hence, this shroom isn’t just for casual tripping. It can also be used for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe.

It’s not uncommon for the Golden Teacher shrooms to produce a feeling of enlightenment and a deeper connection to nature. Spirit healers turn to Golden teacher shrooms as tools for restoring the mind and spirit.


Buy Golden Teacher MUshrooms have a fruiting body with a distinguishable, slightly curved cap, with a yellow or golden center. Overall, this shroom has a cap with an ashy red color and can reach up to 8cm in diameter. Buy Golden teacher shrooms online at at affordable rates. Fast delivery is our number one prority.

1 Oz (30g)

Generic Name: Golden Teacher Mushrooms


Molar mass:284.252 g·mol−1


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