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larry bird strain for sale – buy weed online – top shelf – best online dispensary

larry bird strain for sale – buy weed online – top shelf – best online dispensary

Larry Bird is a 50/50 hybrid of Blue Cheese, 213 Haze, and Hindu Kush. If you want a rush of euphoria that also makes you feel a bit creative, Larry Bird is the perfect strain for you. Avoid using this strain if you have anxiety issues as you could become paranoid.
Blue Cheese strain is going to give you a wonderful flavor of berries mixed with cheese. You will melt into the couch after you try this strain as it helps a number of people deal with their insomnia. Experienced users might be able to use this strain during the day but it is quite potent at 20 percent.
213 Haze has quite a large CBD percentage along with 18 percent THC. This is an Indica strain that can help people with insomnia and chronic pain. Reserve this bud for the end of the day as it can result in couch-lock.
Hindu Kush is a strain that you should clear your schedule for at 24 percent THC and is perfect for a lazy day. You won’t be able to focus but you will be quite happy about this. To say the least, this is not a wake and bake strain if you actually have to be productive during the day.

The THC percentage of Larry Bird is 14 to 22 percent. This is a relatively wide range with the lower end being perfect for new cannabis consumers. The creative energy and motivation that a number of people feel makes this a great strain for the morning.




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