Mango Kush


Black Diamond Strain is otherwise referred to as ‘Black Diamond OG’ and sometimes as ‘Black Diamond OG Kush. It is the medical marijuana strain which is bred in the Northern California region as clone-only strain. This is an indica-dominant strain and is considered as a rare strain.

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Mango Kush

Purchase Mango Kush Online today at Top Exotics. The natural product is known to improve the high for some individuals, and some cannabis strains are reared to summon the organic product. The flavor of Mango Kush, of course, is like mangos and Kush, with notes of pine.

Additionally, it scents of the jungles, sweet mangos, and bananas. THC can make up as much as 16% of this strain, while CBD is a lot of lower, about 0.3%. That settles on this a helpless decision for treating conditions that react to CBD, for example, extreme seizure issues.

Mango Kush is an indica-prevailing half breed (35:65 sativa/indica proportion) . This can be utilized to treat queasiness and heaving, torment, a sleeping disorder, absence of craving, and melancholy. The high is fixated on the body, with profound unwinding, solid rapture, and an overall calmed feeling when you purchase weed on the web.


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