Purple Kush


1 Oz (30g)

Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Seed Breeder ILGM
Pack Size 5/10/20
Yield Indoors: 450 g/m2
Outdoors: 600 g/plant


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Good Purple Kush Online

Purple Kush is a pure indica strain hybrid from Oakland created by crossbreeding Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics. Buy Purple Kush Online Highly regarded as one of the most potent indica strains in the world, Purple Kush’s knockout buds have tested up to 27% THC content.Easy to grow for the beginner as well as the experienced cannabis cultivator. The sturdy plants grow into a bushy formation with tight internodes and large fan leaves. Resistant to pests and mildew.

A high yielding, fast flowering strain. Purple Kush thrives in cool climates and can grow large outdoors. Indoors, SCROG is often useto increase production. Purple colors can appear at lower temperatures.

Heavy indica buds with a dark appearance. Earthy, grape smell and taste. Powerful deep relaxing high.


Most growers would probably agree that growing marijuanastrain is of medium difficulty. As is characteristic of almost any 100% pure indica strain, this grows low to the ground with a bushy figure, making it sometimes a challenging marijuana strain to properly cultivate in an outdoor environment.

Due to its low stature, if you are growing PK outside, you have to find a location with an adequate amount of full-sun, so that even the leaves lying low to the ground are permeated by the rays. Additionally, search for an outdoor area that is dry and lacks humidity or exposure to rain.


This indica marijuana strain can turn your world upside-down, being a contradiction within itself, one that completely de-stresses the body, but stimulates and activates the mind far beyond just the conscious level.

Further more although some consumers have reported hallucination-like effects after smoking this cannabis, should not leave you anxious or paranoid, because of its incredible ability to truly release all the body.


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