Trap Tube by High Tech Glass Works


  • Height: 14 inches
  • Bowl Size: 14mm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate
  • Made in the USA by High Tech Glass Works

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This High Tech Glass Works Trap Tube features a double cup purple drank design complete with matching decals and slide.

All High Tech Glass is made from High Grade German Schott Glass which provides a more clean and clear look, while adding extra durability.

3-hole diffy-to-Swiss multi-chamber percolation for the smoothest, coolest smoke
Gorgeous frosted details and purple accents
Domed splash-guard keeps you dry
5mm Borosilicate Glass
Height: 8 inches
Joint: 14mm
Includes: Custom High Tech Glass dome and nail

 Rain Cheese Bottle Recycler by High Tech Glass

High Tech’s Cheese Bottle rigs are favored by experienced smokers for a lot of reasons. These amazing rigs look great and deliver a powerful dual diffusion for the ultimate smoking experience.

Smoke is treated to a 3-hole diffy stem AND Swiss percolation in both chambers. This chills and purifies your hits to perfection every time.

The Cheese Bottle is also perfectly designed to fit comfortably in your hand for a secure grip. Even if you do drop it, this rig is made from thick 5mm borosilicate glass to survive the fall.

Frosted glass accents make this rig particularly unique among the competition. It even comes with a matching dome to bring the look together.

We’re proud of all our glass, so this rig is covered by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. We’ll send your whole order out with FREE, discrete shipping, too!


Height: 16 inches
Joint Size: 14mm male
Base Diameter: 4.5 inches
Height to top of joint: 3.5 inches
Includes: Glass nail and dome


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