Yellow Lebanese Hash


30 grams

Yellow Lebanese Hash

Yellow Lebanese Hash

Development: The main CannabisFields are situated in the valley of Baalbek. The fields are developed for extremely enormous scope, huge numbers of them utilizing present day hardware. The creation is mechanically arranged, custom isn’t engaged with the Hash-Business.

Creation: The Cannabis-Plants are left on the field until they are almost dry. At this point they will have procured an earthy colored rosy tone (some Chlorophyll is decimated by the UV-Rays of the Sun). At last the plants are gotten an outbuilding to be dried totally.

Hashish is created similarly as in Morocco, fundamentally the buds are painstakingly scoured over a fine silk-material, the subsequent powder can be squeezed together. Than better the lattice utilized, than better the subsequent Hashish.

The Hash-Powder is put away inside 35kg plastic sacks, in this structure it very well may be saved for quite a while without losing a lot of strength (on the grounds that the gum organs are as yet shut).

In the cold weather months the squeezing starts. Hash-Powder is filled in cloth or cotton pack and squeezed under incredible tension. On the outside of the Hashish the structure of the tissue which was utilized can be obviously observed. Normally the Hash is squeezed in pieces of 100g, 200g (generally) or 1000g (1kg).

There is some Hash which is squeezed by hand like in Afghanistan, tragically it’s normally not traded.

Shading: There are two sorts of Lebanese-Hash: Yellow Lebanese, which is yellowish and Red Lebanese which is ruddy earthy colored (fundamentally the same as standard Morocco in shading). The Red-Lebanese is produced using riper plants.

Smell: Spicy to exceptionally fiery, invigorating smell.

Taste: Very fiery, harsher than Turk or Morocco. Some Lebanese-Hash is harsher than Afghani, particularly when smoked in a Bong. Lebanese is a serious obtained taste.


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