Beaker Bongs

Beaker Bongs
Look no further than BadassGlass for the best beaker bongs money can buy. We sell beaker bongs for every type of smoker, whether you’re an experienced veteran or a first-time buyer. These beaker water pipes are a classic for a reason, featuring a wide base to hold more water, fit bigger percs, and sit comfortably in your lap. No other design offers the same rumbling chug and fool-proof operation like a classic beaker bong.

These aren’t your granddad’s beaker bongs, either. We’ve curated a collection of beaker bongs made by skilled craftsmen right here in the US. All of our bongs use thick glass and feature outstanding symmetry for the best possible smoking experience. Each piece in our catalog has been hand-selected and tested to ensure your satisfaction, no matter which of our beaker bongs you choose.

Glass Beaker Bongs for Sale
We offer glass beaker bongs in an awesome selection of colors and sizes, and with a huge variety of percolators. Percs add another layer of filtration, making your smoke cooler and smoother. Percolators give you bigger, tastier hits than just using water. Our beaker bongs let you decide the level of filtration, from simple diffused downstems to multi-chamber percolation.

Many beaker bongs come with additional features, like ice-catchers. Ice-catchers are areas of inverted glass along the neck of a bong. Drop a few ice cubes down the neck to help cool smoke for easier rips. Cool water continually melts away the ice and into the reservoir, and also cools smoke on its way up the neck. Ice-catchers are a great party trick, or can be enjoyed just as much with a party of one.

Other beaker bongs feature multiple chambers. Each chamber allows for another level of filtration, often accompanied by another percolator. Multiple chambers increase drag a bit in order to deliver bigger, smoother hits. If you are looking for a thick beaker bong, be sure to check out the super thick 9mm beaker bong it is heavy set with a durable build.

Beaker bongs are a staple in every smoker’s collection. Whether you’re smoking by yourself or with a group of friends, beaker bongs are always a great choice. Check out our wide selection of beaker bongs for sale below to find your next piece of function glass.

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