16″ Inline Bong with Perc by Diamond


16″ Inline Bong with Perc by Diamond

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16″ Inline Bong with Perc by Diamond

16″ Inline Bong with Perc by Diamond

Let’s just say we are pretty stoked about this double inline bong with showerhead perc. This is a classic design that is hard to come across these days, but we got it done. This crystal clear glass bong features a dual inline stem that leads up to a showerhead perc for vigorous filtration and a smooth pull that is easy to clear. It’s no wonder why the inline perc is forever a classic bong design with many die hard fans.

This is like the ultimate trophy for smokers of a higher breed. This is the Heizman by Diamond Glass. Standing 16 inches tall, this water pipe is not just a beauty to look at, but functions like a true champ.

It comes with not one, but two matrix percolators. The first perc starts your filtration from the bottom of the built-in joint all the way to the next marvelous gridded matrix showerhead.

If you have not seen one of Diamond’s matrix showerheads up close, you are seriously missing out. It is incredibly fine-cut and fire-polished to perfection.

They have added a beautiful reversal pattern on the head of the showerhead to really bring the artistry out. This thing produces a bubble action that just cleanses your smoke, giving you that smooth hit we all strive for.

The added color touches and logos all come together to really make this piece stand out. Even the bowl is color-matched and has a built in screen. Also known as the Heizman or Heisman.


  • Height: 16 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Includes: 14mm Male Bowl


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