Thick Beaker Bong with Matrix Perc


Thick Beaker Bong with Matrix Perc

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Thick Beaker Bong with Matrix Perc

Thick Beaker Bong with Matrix Perc

The 6mm thick beaker bong by Diamond Glass features a matrix percolator that is made to blast bubbles out for a smooth smoke.

This bong has got some serious weight to it, at just 15 inches this thicc beaker is made to last. The joint was made extra thick to remove any vulnerabilities.

Diamond really brought a winner to the table with this one. The color accents and gold Diamond decal make this glass pop. We couldn’t recommend this piece more and buying it from Badass Glass means we’ll send it out with fast, free shipping straight to your door. Get yours today!

A next level waterpipe by Diamond Glass for those trying to smoke at a higher quality. The chamber holds a matrix percolator which creates and uses a barrage of bubbles to filter your smoke.

After the smoke is filtered, you can then cool your smoke down by adding some ice using the ice pinch.

The filtration starts at the beginning of the beaker with the diffused downstem, and the added funnel bowl packs a nice size hit. A few splashes of color on the lip, perc, and the joint makes it easy to match it to your personality.


  • Thick body for a sturdy beaker
  • Height: 15 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Includes: 14mm Male Bowl


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