12″ Busy Bee Bong


12″ Busy Bee Bong

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12″ Busy Bee Bong

12″ Busy Bee Bong

The Busy Bee Bong stands at a foot tall and features a whimsical hand painted display of buzzing bees. Not only is this piece fun to look at, but it has a 2 inch wide tube that flares out to the 5 inch base for a large beaker chamber. This yellow bong delivers large hits that sting like a bee, but no worries —it includes an ice catcher to cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs.

These are truly works of art! This beaker bong is 12" tall and glow in the dark. Limited quantities available.

-caligreensdispensary.com12" Height -Comes with a 14mm bowl. We ship using a discreet brown box via epacket or express and supply tracking information. This bong comes with a 14mm Male bowl and a diffused downstem. The bowl on this bong is deep and is ready for your herb. With the four fantastic variations, you can truly find one that fits your style, and personality. Look no further. We accept OEM & ODM production, welcome to send your artworks, let's start more business. Thank you!


  • Hand Painted Detail
  • Height: 12 Inches
  • Joint: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18/14 LoPro Slitted Downstem & 14mm Male Bowl



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