8″ Disco Ball Bong


8″ Disco Ball Bong

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Buy smoking accessories – 8″ Disco Ball Bong

Buy smoking accessories – 8″ Disco Ball Bong

The Disco Ball Bong by Swerve Glass stands 8 inches tall and is sure to bring the party. This pretty bong takes your smoke through the encased purple disco ball and out the showerhead perc at the bottom to break up all that milky smoke. Once the smoke is broken up below, the textured disco ball then helps break it up further as it bubbles up, while also protecting you from splash back.

The sphered center allows for a tight grip and no worries of dropping while the clear glass lets you watch the filtration action in awe. A small mushroom drips from the joint and the orange accent looks electric next to the purple. We love this new piece. Get it before it’s gone.

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This Disco Ball dab rig stands 14cm tall and is made out of 5mm borosilicate glass.

It includes a quartz banger so you can start using it with concentrates straight away without the need to purchase an additional nails or bangers.

This a great looking functional piece with the coloured glass highlights and the encapsulated mushroom below the glass joint. It is a sturdy dab rig, that would be great as a daily driver for concentrates.



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