Double Chamber Bong


The double chamber bong by Diamond Glass features two stacked percolators for a quick clean hit that is smooth and flavorful. Standing at just 12”, this bong was meant to fit comfortably in your hand or lap as you blithely toke away. The thick, strong base makes it a great table piece, while the long, slender neck allows for better smoking angles with zero splash.

The bottom chamber has a flawless matrix percolator and top chamber houses a large tree perc, delivering drag-free diffusion and a clean, flavorful hit every time. This new one from Diamond is a great double chamber design with beautiful execution and symmetry.


  • Height: 12 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18mm Martini Bowl

Double Chamber Bong for sale – bong online

Double Chamber Bong for sale – bong online

Prepare for huge high-quality rips with the Basics Queen La Kiefer Double Chamber Bong. It stands at 29cm tall and features an added ash catcher for double water filtration resulting in smooth, clean and velvety hits every single time.

The removable ash catcher not only makes for a more enjoyable smoking experience but helps keep your piece cleaner for longer.

The large round water chamber holds plenty of volume while the lenghty and slightly bent neck combined with the thick wide mouthpiece makes for a long and comfortable pull.

It’s finished off nicely with a subtle Basics logo located on the neck below the mouthpiece as well as a silicone base for added stability and durability.

Plus, it comes with two silicone grommets, aluminum downstem and brass bonza cone piece in varied colours meaning you’re ready to rip as soon as it’s out of the box.

The Beaker Bong design showcases a Bent neck so you can see what you’re doing and the Shot hole to control smoke inhalation and clear the chamber faster.

The Ergonomic design makes it a easy to use and is a breeze to clean. A Stone Age staple to add to your collection.


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