Triple Showerhead Bong


The Triple Showerhead Bong by Diamond Glass features three precision cut showerhead percolators for a 3x filtered hit with no drag. Standing tall at 14 inches, your lungs will appreciate the ultra diffused hit as smoke passes through each layer of percolation. A splash guard in combination with a bent neck ensures you can rip without the worry of splash back. The included bowl is super thick, so burnt fingers aren’t a concern here. We can’t wait for you to give this big bong a try!


  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

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Three Shower head percs makes this pipe a unique collectors item! Super thick 19mm glass. Features: Three shower head percs lined up. Dome perc at the top, which acts as a splash guard too.

Ice catcher notches. High quality glass screened 19mm thick bowl.

Inline stemless design. Joint size: 19mm. An absolute beauty engineered to perfection.

Dimensions. Width of lower chamber is 10.5 inches, which means it is fairly large and a very heavy duty pipe. Width of the base is 4.8 inches. The beauty of this pipe is its engineering and design.

It starts out with a triple shower head design. Each showerhead has a tiny diffuser slots to diffuse the smoke.

This means the smoke will be super cooled to make for a very smooth smoking session. After the smoke bubbles its way through the chamber, it is greeted by a dome percolator.

The dome percolator has the same go in mind.

To cool off the smoke for the most superior smoking session of your life.

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The bowl or slider that is included is also very high quality and comes with a built in Borosilicate glass screen system.

This means no more worrying about getting a bowl with too big a hole! Please see pictures for the details on its design.

Known as one of the most popular of the percolators, the Showerhead percs were one of the first percolators to come after tree percs and have a very similar design. Showerhead percolators have a thin vertical tube that widens into a round chamber.

The slits increase filtration and diffusion, causing the bubble production to be very efficient.There are many different designs, ranging from 4 slits to the double showerhead, as well as more artsy designs with bulging spheres in the middle to resemble flying saucer type UFOs, hence the name, a resemblance to a typical shower head.

The beauty of the showerhead perc is the unique percolator that allows you to enjoy the smoke by breaking it up and making it easier for you to inhale the smoke.

This in turn lessens the coughing that comes with smoking and lets you enjoy the sesh.

If you are new to smoking or you simply have a sensitivity to the harsh smoke, the showerhead percolator is perfect for you. Find out why the showerhead bong is wildly popular and shop in our selection today!



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