Fat Can Bong – 12 Inch


Fat Can Bong – 12 Inch

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Fat Can Bong – 12 Inch

This scientific glass in the Fat can bong features a classic ice pinch for the smooth and cool hits. Built with a fat can body  to keep it from ever tipping over, this American glass water pipe is sure to stand the test of time and many, many seshes. The fat can bong is perfect for traveling or simply enjoying in the comfort of your home.

The Fat Can Bong features an extra wide perc chamber with a disc style percolator.

This sturdy borosilicate glass pipe is crafted with color accents on the mouthpiece, base, and perc, and the unique donut style neck prevents splashback when in use.

Buy waterpipes online – Fat Can Bong – 12 Inch

It is FINALLY time to meet the 12-inch fat Buddha glass Beaker bong.

We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but this bong is amazing! Anything branded with our Fat Buddha logo is bound to impress. This Glass is thick, classy, and rips like a DREAM. It comes in the classic Beaker Bong design. Overall it feels very minimalistic, which is a great thing for bongs. It makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Cleaning can easily be the toughest part of owning a bong. So when choosing a bong it is best to keep that in mind. Just so you aren’t getting yourself into too much trouble later on down the road. (That being said, we at fat buddha glass believe that no bong is uncleanable. With time, patience, and a whole lot of salt and isopropyl alcohol, no mess is too messy!!)

Multiple color options available.


12 inch (20.32 cm) tall glass bong
Fat can shape
Durable boro glass
Donut shaped stem
Round stable base
Disc style percolator
Includes 14mm male bowl slide


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