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G13 x Haze is a descendant of the legendary G13, a super strain believed to have originated from a government research facility in Mississippi during the 60’s or 70’s. A G13 clone was crossed with a Haze by Mr Nice seedbank and this line has been inbred ever since.

This strain presents a range of phenotypes, some very sativa dominant. Those plants require a lower feeding level and also lower EC level if grown in a hydroponic system.

Yields can be very high indoors with flowering times taking 9-11 weeks average. Outdoors will not be ready until late-November or early-December.

Hazy flavors with a skunk undertone. A creeper high felt in the head.

A highly valued end product from the past.

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Flowering Time 9-11 weeks
Seed Breeder Mr Nice, MSNL
Pack Size 10-100 seeds
Yield Indoors: 500–750 g/m2
Outdoors: High

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