13″ Tree Perc Bong by Diamond Glass


13″ Tree Perc Bong by Diamond Glass

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13″ Tree Perc Bong by Diamond Glass

13″ Tree Perc Bong by Diamond Glass

If you like to keep your bong water hidden, while still seeing all the action in your perc, you’ll love this piece. The water chamber of this bong is covered in colored glass, but a clear 8-arm tree perc sits on top. You’ll be able to see all the action as your smoke bursts through the precision cut slits on the tree perc.

Standing just above a foot at 13 inches tall, this heavy-set bong is the perfect size for any occasion. The wide beaker ensures your bong stays flat on any table. Made by Diamond Glass, you know you’re getting a thick, quality bong.

This classic dual chamber beaker is a reliable and time tested design from body style to percolators. A thick beaker base houses the main chamber, featuring a conventional diffused downstem perc, leading to an 8 arm tree perc and 3 pinch ice catcher, assuring the desired filtration of any particulates, as well as providing a cool, tasty hit. This piece comes with a 4.5″ downstem, and 14mm funnel bowl, simply choose your desired color.



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