Hieroglyphic Sandblasted Bong by SWRV


Hieroglyphic Sandblasted Bong by SWRV

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Hieroglyphic Sandblasted Bong by SWRV

Hieroglyphic Sandblasted Bong by SWRV

The sandblasted bong by SWRV features an ancient egyptian design etched on a super thick beaker shaped bong. The intricate pattern starts around the bottom of the base and continues all the way up. The base of the beaker is reinforced with glass making it extra durable with a muscular stance.

If you are looking for a solid beaker bong with an unique design then look no further.  The incredible art work and functionality will send you back to the stone age with every hit.

The bongs submerged slitted downstem separates and filters the bubbly smoke as it’s pulled through the water. This cleaning process results in a cooler, more filtered hit that’s packed full of flavor and a lot less harsh on the throat.

The open style mouthpiece, the beaker base, and the long neck are all decorated with beautiful colored details and the colored ice notches enable you to place a few ice cubes in the tube for a cooler hit

This hieroglyphic-themed bong is finished with a sandblasted bird image and is the perfect piece to pull out and impress all your smoke buddies with.

This unique glass bong will stand out in any glass collection and is available in a selection of colors. Pink, Transparent Black, Teal, Yellow, or Blue. Please select the color from the available options when placing your order.


  • Ancient Egyptian symbols etched into the glass
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Includes: 14mm male bowl


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