6 Arm Tree Perc Bong – 11 inches


6 Arm Tree Perc Bong – 11 inches

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6 Arm Tree Perc Bong – 11 inches

6 Arm Tree Perc Bong – 11 inches

The 6 Arm Tree Perc Bong by Boss Glass is a marvel to look at with incredible functionality. Starting from the top, the flared mouthpiece better forms to your lips to create an airtight seal while the narrow neck acts as a natural splashguard. The second chamber contains the 6-arm tree perc. Each arm of the tree perc has three precision slits in the bottom for a filtered, flavorful hit. The removable downstem also features more slits for further percolation.

With the combined diffusion of the tree perc and removable downstem, the 6-Arm Tree Perc Bong is a delight for any collection. The bottom of the tube allows it to hold plenty of both water and smoke. The clear glass allows you to see your smoke as it travels through the water pipe. This scientific glass bong has all the assets one needs for am enjoyable smoke sesh.

The elegant ice bong comes with a reinforced fixed downstem with 18.8mm female joint, two 6-arm tree percolators, a honeycomb diffuser, ice notches and a glass herb bowl with roll stopper arm. The two, 6-arm tree percolators and the honeycomb diffuser work together flawlessly to add important cleaning and cooling of the bubbly smoke for richer, more filtered hits full of flavor, but less harsh on the throat. Try adding some ice in the bongs tube for an extra cool experience.


  • Double Filtration
  • Height: 11 Inches
  • Joint size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: LoPro Downstem and 14mm dry herb bowl


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